3doodler spider figure (2014)

Using the amazing 3doodler, among other things I created a huge black spider.

3doodler spider

Bitcoin paper wallets! (07/2014)

I just created a website featuring some free bitcoin paper wallet designs and a short introduction to that topic. More wallet designs coming soon and also an animated introduction video is available now!

bitcoin paper wallet tutorial

Beats beats beats (01/2014)

New instrumental hiphop beats are now online on my soundcloud page!

hiphop beats on soundcloud

Soapstone figure (2013)

Carved a small figure out of soapstone, inspired by Inca designs!

soapstone figure

Beats for sale (06/2013)

I'm producing beats and loops for sale. You can use them in your video projects, songs or whatever comes to mind - check out my preview files and license details on Audiojungle!

Genres until now: Hiphop, Dubstep, Ambient. More stuff to come!

beats for sale

Cat Content to rule them all! (04/2013)

Everybody knows the essence of the web is cat content. So if you need vector cat graphics for your projects, social media cat avatars or anything else cat related check out my cute cat construction kit!

cute cat vector construction kit

'Abgedichtet' (01/2013)

A new fun project is now online - a website for silly german rhymes I write from time to time. Maybe in 40 years they'll fill a lousy book :)

Check out Abgedichtet - Diverse einfältige Reime

Abgedichtet - Diverse einfältige Reime

Robot Bunny (2012)

I made a small robot bunny out of cardboard, lighter parts, glue, paint and random plastic stuff.

robot bunny

Schlaufenmanufaktur.de (11/2012)

We are selling individual leather camera straps made in Germany! The perfect fit for your retro style Mirrorless Camera such as the Fuji X models. I am part of the company and also created the logo and a responsive website.

Read more on Schlaufenmanufaktur.de


Point&click Adventure (01/2012)

I started working on a classic point&click pixel adventure game. Currently, it consists of 3 screens, some items to pick up, a few things to interact with and 2 different music themes. And a blue alien that crashed into the ground and needs your help!

I use the super awesome Visionaire Studio to put my graphics and sounds together and make it work.

Point&Click Adventure Point&Click Adventure

Android App Design (2010)

I created a new UI design for the great Android audio production App 'Electrum Drum Machine' in different resolutions for several pixel densities.

carboncell android UI design

Motion graphics (2010)

I chose one of my photos of 'Zeche Zollverein' in Essen/Germany as a base for a nice small animation project in after effects and also produced the sound for the clip. At the end of it you'll see the (rather unspectacular) untouched photo.

Zollverein Animation

Font design (some time ago)

I made some font experiments and built my own fonts for private use.

  • carboncell font design
  • carboncell font design 2
  • carboncell font design 3

Vector graphics(some time ago)

Some vector graphics i made for training purposes.

  • carboncell vector graphic
  • carboncell vector graphic

Logo designs (some time ago)

Several logo designs I created.

  • carboncell logo design
  • carboncell logo design
  • carboncell logo design

Pictoplasma Bunnies (some time ago)

My contributions for the great pictoplasma.com bunny mandala poster!

carboncell for pictoplasma

Poster designs (some time ago)

Two out of many Some posters I made, 70x50cm prints.

  • carboncell poster design
  • carboncell poster design
  • carboncell poster design
  • carboncell poster design

Character design (some time ago)

Some vector characters I made.

  • carboncell Character design 1
  • carboncell Character design 2
  • carboncell Character design 3
  • carboncell Character design 4
  • carboncell Character design 5
  • carboncell Character design 6

Website designs (some time ago)

Selected former designs of my website carboncell.com - back in the days created as fullscreen flash websites.

  • carboncell web design
  • carboncell web design
  • carboncell web design